Every Saturday from May until the last weekend before Christmas, the Delmar Farmers Market brings you the area’s finest produce, prepared foods, baked goods, crafts and other wares.  Our incredible vendors bring you fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, poultry, milk, cheese, baked goods, honey, maple syrup and more! Better yet, all products are available at the peak of the local growing season, which means you’ll eat them at their freshest – and when they taste best!  

When you shop at our market, you get to establish a direct relationship with the people who grew, baked or processed your food. The money you pay to these local businesses is typically reinvested right here in the Capital Region, not thousands of miles away, or in another country.

Every purchase from a local food producer also helps conserve our environment. Locally-produced food isn’t sitting in a refrigerated warehouse for months before being transported across the country, or the world, by truck or ship to get to your plate. Bonus – producers will be glad to share tips on how to best prepare their goods and might even share a recipe or two!

But that’s not all.  Our vendors also offer flowers, plants, crafts, cleansers, soaps, pottery, knitted goods and so much more!  And don’t forget our prepared food options from local restaurants and eateries – a big hit after soccer, basketball or little league and a longstanding tradition for many families! 

Over the past decade, we’ve grown into a comfortable, trusted community space for neighborhood and regional residents alike.  In addition to the best local food, we also offer great live music and family-friendly events… and plenty more to see, hear and taste.  Don’t be shy, please come out and say hello!