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On behalf of the Delmar Saturday Farmer’s Market, Community Energy has provided 5 metric tons of Carbon Offsets to lower the carbon emissions of this event. The estimated environmental benefit associated with this donation is equivalent to planting 4 acres of trees or not driving 11,100 miles.

Community Carbon Offsets are Green-e® Climate certified and are supplied by leading renewable energy and carbon marketer Community Energy, Inc.

As our market opened this June, a top UN official urged a global ban on plastic bags, in part because plastic is the most pervasive form of ocean litter. Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the UN Environment Program, said, "Single-use plastic bags, which choke marine life, should be banned or phased out rapidly everywhere. There is simply zero justification for manufacturing them anymore, anywhere.” The campaign to ban plastic bags is gaining steam internationally. China banned plastic bags last year, saving the country an estimated 40 billion plastic bags. Here in this country, San Francisco is the only large city to have banned plastic bags. To help solve this problem please bring your own bags, whenever possible to our market. Stop at our Hospitality table and purchase one of our beautiful tote bags that are made from 100% recycled soda bottles. They are machine washable and have our market logo on them. Your purchase will also help fund our market!

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